Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Horizon Report 2010

Just reading the Horizon report (Johnson, L., Levine, A., Smith, R., & Stone, S. (2010). The 2010 Horizon Report.Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.)...

Some interesting links to mobile learning projects at various universities, including University of Waterloo. Almost everyone has a mobile device and many will take advantage of it to review course work while commuting, waiting for appointments, etc. or to communicate with profs and fellow students. U Waterloo found that students reported spending more time accessing course materials and collaborating with their classmates when materials were delivered to their blackberries. E-books were also mentioned as a boon for students, as they could carry an entire course load of readings and textbooks with them and read as time permits.

The report also mentioned the increased availability of open educational resources, commenting that " students are learning not only the material, but also skills related to finding, evaluating, interpreting, and repurposing the resources they are studying in partnership with their teachers. "

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